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Metal Buildings

Doss Brothers is an authorized dealer for NUCOR located in the City of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Doss Brothers operates in Lawrence County, Tennessee and through southern middle Tennessee and northern Alabama. In addition to the capabilities required to construct metal buildings, Doss Brothers has all of the skills and equipment required for site preparation, paving and interior build out.

During the planning stage for a metal building, Doss Brothers has staff that can provide the information you need to make decisions about your metal building requirements. When your building plan is complete, Doss Brothers will prepare a Project Plan and Bid that considers all the aspects of your requirements.

At Doss Brothers, we understand the need for speed during the period between Project Approval and Building Occupancy. We have years of experience constructing buildings of all sizes during all types of weather. And should you require changes to your building during the construction phase, our staff will work with you to ensure a quick and cost effective change to your Building Project Plan.


Metal building technology provides many options that allow clients to make selections that will result in a building suited to their requirements. Our staff are trained and accredited so that they can provide you with all the options available. With timely and accurate information, you can make decisions that will result in the metal building that meets your requirements.

When you have decided on the metal building and all the options that you require, our staff will provide a timely and accurate bid for your metal building.


The most critical phase of metal building construction is the site preparation work.  Doss Brothers has Spectra-Physics Laser Site Survey Equipment to ensure that all elevations of your site are in compliance with your site blueprints. The form for the concrete foundation is constructed to meet the requirements of your metal building.  The depth and strength of the concrete is checked for compliance with the requirements for your metal building.  The number and position of all the anchor bolts are checked by our staff to ensure that your metal building will have all the specified attachment points required to ensure that your metal building is safely and securely anchored.

When your metal building arrives on site, our erecting crew will use our "boom" truck efficiently to lift all the metal framing, roofing and sheathing into place.  Doss Brothers is a "one stop metal building shop", providing all material and our own erecting crews.

Doss Brothers can provide the paving, curbing and striping for your site.  Additionally, all exposed exterior ground can be prepared for landscaping.  Doss Brothers also has the staff for a complete interior build out. Doss Brothers has all the skills and equipment required to construct your metal building facility from an unprepared lot to a facility ready for occupancy.

"Only termites find metal buildings distasteful."

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Our Projects

In The News

Dual Office Complex Project

Doss Bros. Inc has started numerous projects for Burchell Properties of Columbia TN. This building is a dual office complex on West 5th Street.